A Time to Speak: How a White Christian Male in the South Voted for #Hillary

An apology (defense) for my vote, which may confuse some who know me IRL and/or on social media—

1. Never use and/or when trying to explain yourself—it’s just sloppy grammar.

2. I am a Christian, which means I believe someone loved/loves me enough to trade his life for mine—a deeper magic than I can fathom from before the dawn of time (see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for more on this).

3. There’s that sloppy grammar /-thing again.

4. That Person who traded His life for mine made a myriad of people—so many kinds and races and ethnicities and MBTI types that I can’t fathom that either.

5. This Person was a decent man/God who hung out with addicts, refugees, blue-collar workers (especially dock workers), and future Muslims.

6. There’s the slash again.

7. And / He / Loved / Them / All—

8. So much so that He not only hung out with them, He hung for them.

9. I did not/do not see that Love/Respect/Decency/Kindness/Openness/Truthfulness in the recent Candidate/Turned/President/Elect.

10. In fact, I see the opposite of these.

11. On the other hand, because I value all life—just like the Man/God did/does—I do not agree with the conceding candidate’s position regarding life in the womb.

10. That’s my view.

11. But I’m not a one-issue voter either, so I, with good conscience, could vote for a candidate I didn’t fully agree with because she DID/DOES respect so many lives—those who cross borders, those who limp into our land, those who hoist shingles up ladders, those who picked the salad you ate last night.

12. Basically, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.

13. I’ve heard that somewhere before.

14. If—like many of my Christian friends—you value life in the womb so much (that you are wiling to trade all your other values for that), then fight to make adoption and prenatal healthcare free and ubiquitous.

15. In fact, adopt a child yourself, foster a child, take a refugee into your home.

16. Make abortion virtually unnecessary—because so many Christians are standing in line to adopt children of every skin color and ethnicity.

17. Then, you will be trading your life and your comforts and your blood for another.

18. Just like the God/Man would do/did do.

19. W/W/J/D?

20. He would/did re/move the di/vides.


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