Moving In / Moving Out

VP1688A_fig.24_0 (1)
Moving In / Moving Out

On the coldest day of the year
so far, my new

neighbor and her rescued dog move in
my old neighbor’s

house. The new neighbor drives
an energy-efficient

car and hauls ReUseIt grocery totes
back and forth to

the store, best I can tell. She cares
about the world.

I wonder what the Realtor said
as, Sibyl-like,

she led her client through the parquet
halls and circles

of my old neighbor’s Hell: This is
where she walked.

This is where she talked. This
is where

she buttered her bread. And this—

the heap on which she stood Dido-like,
full of rage and pain,

before she threw herself into air
and flame.

Who knows what’s truthfully required?
Some parts of life

and owning up must be nothing less
than a hard sell.


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