August 12, 2015

Whatever you think of him,
he learned to keep both a peanut farm

and a nuclear submarine afloat—
so, he deserves a heap of credit for that.

He’s also the only President to live
at the poles of public housing—once

as a near-bankrupt farmer in Plains, GA,
and once as POTUS in a big white

house smack-dab in the middle of everything.
He’s always had a hankering for peace

too—shuttling cabin to cabin at Camp David
in 1978 when Sadat and Begin

couldn’t agree on lunch, much less
the Middle East. Later, he nailed 2×4’s

together for just about anybody
in the world who wanted a home, spreading

that counter gospel called you’ll know
them by their love
. And now something that can’t

be taken back is spreading in him,
building its place plank by plank, a bad

accord that draws no boundary lines,
honors no good faith, until it overruns all

peninsulas and resettles its tenant
in a goodly house not made by hands.


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