Safety in Numbers

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Safety in Numbers

I once wrote a stock joke about hoarding—
The only difference between

a hoarder and a collector is shelving
It gets some laughs, and

and became one of my top tweets (28,209 and counting).
Of course, I’ve watched

the hoarding shows too, acted the voyeur
we all seem to be,

thanks to reality TV and the squalid ruins
of our multi-chambered hearts,

but I already know what can happen. The erstwhile suitor
brings his fiance, finally,

into the mess, gives her a “walking” tour over
the archeological mounds

of papers, bags, clothes, cereal boxes, old computer
hardware. That ends

badly—a real shocker, right? Secrets help too.
And digital “collections”—

16,683 iTunes, 15,032 iPhotos, 1,205 iBooks, neverending
Wish Lists on neverending

Inspired-By-Your-Browsing-History sites. But we all
know too there’s safety in kindergarten

numbers—the counting numbers, which start with 1
and quickly become 2, not

the whole numbers, which start with that terrifying 0
and quickly become

the buried city, the covered hole, from which
we cannot dig ourselves out.


One thought on “Safety in Numbers

  1. Here’s to shelving!
    Love “the squalid ruins of our multi-chambered hearts.” And that last line yanks my breath inward. I remind myself I took good stuff to Goodwill yesterday (and pocketed their 20% off coupon). Stuff is just so interesting . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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