Ambien-Mule Sleep

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.36.58 AM
Ambien-Mule Sleep

Every morning, I wake
grogged and plow-headed,

no true waking or sleep.
The sun rises out-

side on my light
head, as if this world

too is a distant,
heat-shimmered dream. But

that is the trade
for a few hours break

from the dark. Such
dark deep I hate to wake

through, me alone
with my wife—a sweet-

creek current of woman
beside me at night—

and my own middle-aged
man life, strapped

in the trace of days,
a wagon-load

of ragged days, baled
and heavy, but

creaking into the road
for another

string of curt gee‘s
and haw‘s

on the long, plodding
town haul.


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