All of Us Want Answers—

All of Us Want Answers—

We’re working very hard on that,
said the spokesperson

for the Charles County, MD,
Sheriff’s Office.

What else can you say
when you find a disturbed

mom at 7 a.m. who has been pushing
her dead toddler

in a swing all night? They
had to cut the chains

to get him out. I imagine
her labors three years before, pushing

to get him out so she
could hold this little one

who had felt every swing
of her hips for nine months. Who

knew nothing but her, and she
him, in this moment of first meeting.

I can understand the pushing
because kids always say, One more

time, one more time,
until the stars
and moon come out, and

owls hoot in the far trees, and
your arms give out

and your day in the park is over, and
you call it quits

and herd them back home
for safekeeping.


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