Funny Things Writers Say

Funny Things Writers Say

I was late because of traffic.
Just another 30 minutes.
I’m thinking.
I can’t find my keys.
I’m not buying another book until I read the 5,000 I have.
My spouse feels ignored.
Use your own Xanax.
I’ll just take an extra one today.
This printer/copy machine hates me personally.
I hate this printer/copy machine personally.
So happy you won that award I didn’t want anyway.
I’m working on a book.
I’m really binge-watching Criminal Minds.
My dog needs a bath.
I can’t believe they send our kids home for the summer.
How many summer camps are in my city?
I missed the deadline for the summer camp.
I’m almost out of (insert legal addictive substances).
We’ll just order a pizza.
My new book comes out (insert far away date).
My new book comes out (insert less far away date).
My book is available for pre-order now.
Just got THIS in the mail.
That means a lot coming from you.
What now?
The End.


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