but God is faithful, who will not suffer you
to be tempted above that ye are able

—1 Corinthians 10:13

A lot of unimaginable things
we don’t need Netflix

to know—but it helps.
What about Samuel Willenberg,

the last survivor of Treblinka,
an ad hoc member of the Sonderkommando

who found his sisters’ clothes—
a young girl’s coat

and a pleated blue skirt—
lying together just outside

die Himmelstraße (“the road
to heaven”)? Oh, little

Ita and Tamara, who did not
make the lucky 1%. Even

CNN does its part. Just last
Sunday, a Wisconsin mother

took three random bullets
on a pedestrian bridge while

shuffling her kids, Ezra
and Selah, to safety. The news

was not so good for the rest
of the family—Johnathon, 33,

and Olivia, 11. Sometimes
I want to shake an angry poem

like a holy fist at the sky, yelling
How? Who? Why? Why?

Then tear it up and cast the pieces
on water like brave Huck

caught betwixt awful thoughts
and awful words

right before he said, All right,
then, I’ll go to hell


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