Learning My O,C,D’s

Learning My O,C,D’s

The wheels on the bus go round and round…
—anonymous folk song

Safety comes through

which, of course,
we all learned on kindergarten

field trips
with the “Buddy System.”

Holding hands
is a sum, a simple function

of connecting points
inside known

bounds. Negative integers
are bad—

who even knows
what minus really means?

And whole numbers
with that terrifying zero—

JUST SAY NO—so, let’s count:
16,696 items

on iTunes, that’s 43.5 days
of nonstop song.

19 hardback Harry Potter’s.
278 collectible

buttons and pins. 85 arrowheads
found in Georgia

fields. 3 cast-iron
wagon wheels.

And the missing 1949-D
Lincoln Cent

in the vacant slot of the Dansco
case? Still

bothers me today—
discontinuity, lacuna, empty space.


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