The Damage Was So Severe


The Damage Was So Severe
—Bonney Lake Officer Todd Green

For a moment,
just pretend Jesus

exists, walks around
heaven with holes still

in his hands. Ask
to put your fingers

in his side, watch
him eat fish and bread.

Then remember Josh,
Vanessa, and little

Hudson Ellis, the quake
of concrete, and

the falling nightmare
slab so perfectly

placed across
the cab—not even

police or EMTs
knew for hours if

their victims were
one, two, or three.

Then pretend you
lie in heaven,

pinned to the streets
of gold with all

your what-ifs and
whys. Pretend

you stand at Q-&-A
and dare to ask

about life and luck
in Bonney Lake.

Pretend how beautiful
the shore, how

melodious the blessed
songs, how

sweet the by-and-by,
so fair

and so eternally


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