After the Band

After the Band

Blonde Hailey sings
        hard and
Lean like a
Saw rips bucked trees,
Cants and flitches cut
Edged and splintered
        on a
Summer day. In after
When canvas-gloved
Go home, and the day
Still like a hot cooling
I drive sawn and un
Home with Hailey’s
Curls still swinging
And free in the knots
        and pitch
Pockets of her coda’s
She is smoke and silence
      in the pines.
What curious times for
Eyed boys when
Strike like a band—
Of straw tinder
Floors, thunder lines
Diatonic against
        the sky,
Beads of rain fall un
From the rock and roll
Lightning hums a saw
Song, the land awakes,
        and trees
Praise fire in the night.


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